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LuxFam was established in 2014 as a response to an increased demand for high quality and luxury furniture and accessories. The company represents the products of different luxury furniture manufacturers in the world. LuxFam is proud to present more than 6000 products (coffee tables, sofas, dining tables, bedroom furniture, office furniture, garden furniture, luxury accessories etc.) and all of the products come with 2 to 3 years’ full warranty. Each piece of furniture we offer is custom built to order and created by high quality materials with excellent finishing, demonstrating our decades of experience in the trade. As every piece of LuxFam furniture is made to order, our customers are closely involved in the design process, giving them the exact product they desire. Our furniture is created primarily from high quality leather and we also offer the possibility of choosing different upholstery materials. The quality of our products is validated by the satisfaction of our customers who are consistently impressed beyond expectation. The majority of our customers report that they receive a superior quality product that is revered by their families and peers. We take great pride in this level of satisfaction and strive to continually deliver furniture that is beyond. LuxFam offers thousands of luxury custom-made high quality pieces of furniture and accessories for the home and office. We design bedroom, dining, living room and office furniture, with various models on offer and all made with high quality materials. Our furniture designs from traditional to modern all possess a unique design aesthetic with a contemporary flare.


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