Current day penthouse in Krakow shows charming contrasts

Current day penthouse in Krakow shows charming contrasts

The imaginative group at Blackhouse structured and finished Penthouse PK43, a cutting edge penthouse situated in Krakow, Poland. In spite of the fact that the structure plan highlights mechanical references, this contemporary space does not need warmth and solace.

As per the originators, they heated up the crude spaces with oiled wood and regular materials, for example, calfskin and felt. These likewise mark the limits between the useful regions of the advanced penthouse. Surfaces of cement contradict the smooth white mortar dividers, making an eye-getting visual differentiation.

As you venture inside this cutting edge penthouse, you see an amazing open arrangement front room and kitchen. While consolidated, the spaces remain outwardly partitioned. Floor to roof windows enable regular light to enter the condo and feature its structure contrasts. Modern references are unmistakable, yet limited by the assortment of surfaces.

The main room is a genuine desert spring, with wood covering the dividers, floor and roof. Long shades fall over the dark encircled windows, making both a sentiment of protection and a visual association with the living zones. Would you be able to detect whatever other subtleties that you find rousing in this advanced penthouse? Tell us in the remarks.

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